Dorky Shidae... I mean 소녀시대.
Proud S♥NE.
Gorjess Spazzer.
SunSic shipper.
Locksmith forever and ever.
YoonYul trooper.
f(x) stan.
TalToria Shipper.
Pokemon Addicted.
Kingdom Hearts Lover.
Obsessed with Corpse Party.

5/ markjin’s moments | markjin can’t be separated 

and mark confessions continues

Mark, your crush is showing. (ft maknae’s arms)

'if i were a girl i would like to date MARK, it would be nice to have a good-looking boyfriend…. also, mark hyung is very caring, he pays to all little details.. he’s very romantic' - Jinyoung -

4/ markjin’s moments

the love triangle game is so strong

basically how markjin gets revenge on each other

the only word in markjin’s dictionary: kiss